In addition to producing and distributing Shoda brand products, Shoda Shoyu also accepts requests from clients for OEM production of various sauce products including soy sauce, Japanese-style soups, Chinese-style soups, and other oriental sauces.
Shoda Shoyu boasts a thorough quality assurance system that allows us to supply, in a safe and stable manner, products of a high quality that will truly satisfy our customers. Consistent with our motto to provide safety and security in food, we are committed to making products that are customer-oriented, by designing production systems that cater to the needs of our customers.
Our Research Center established in 1927 presently has a research and development team of about 70. It has for many years developed products that respond carefully and specifically to requests from our customers. In overseas markets as well, we make full use of our high expertise and know-how to develop products that are in tune with the conditions and preferences of the local region. Please take full advantage of our product development expertise backed by years of experience.
SHODA SAUCES EUROPE CO., LTD. in Wales, UK also offers OEM production of various sauce products.

SHODA SHOYU is a Specialist of OEM!

Quality Assurance System

Clarification of Customer Needs
We propose a product to best substantiate the customer's request

Research Center

Research and development staff

Product Planning and Development
We develop the product conforming strictly to safety, stability and compliance-related standards
Procurement of Raw Ingredients
We carefully select and procure high-quality raw ingredients based upon our strict grading standards
We achieve high quality by following specified standards within each process
We work to boost customer satisfaction by reflecting customer input in ongoing efforts for improvement