Environmental Activities

Shoda Shoyu's Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

Shoda Shoyu contributes to the realization of a safe and sound society through environmentally conscious business operations.

Action Guidelines

  1. Work for environmental conservation and protection in all activities related to product development, production and distribution.
  2. Respect all relevant environmental laws; set and enforce voluntary standards.
  3. Set environmental targets and work to continually improve the environmental management system and alleviate environmental load.
  4. Work to increase employee awareness of environmental activities, so that environmental reform efforts are undertaken by all.

June, 2017
Takashi Shoda, President

ISO14001 Certification

 Shoda Shoyu, designating “Realization of an environmentally friendly company” as its goal from FY 1998, has since been working for environmental conservation. To further consolidate these efforts, we have established environmental management systems based upon the international standard, ISO14001. Our Head Office and Research Center obtained certification in 2004. Since then, the number of Shoda Shoyu's certified facilities has been increasing every year. The movement has spread to our subsidiaries as well, starting with the 2007 acquisition by Shoda Foods Tatebayashi Factory, and others to follow.

May, 2004 Head Office and Research Center (Tatebayashi City)
July, 2005 Tatebayashi Factory (Tatebayashi)
June, 2006 Tatebayashi East Factory and Logistics Center (Tatebayashi)
December, 2007 Shoda Foods Co., Ltd. Tatebayashi Factory (Tatebayashi)
January, 2009 Shoda Shokuhin Co., Ltd. Matsusaka Factory (Matsusaka City, Mie Pref.)
January, 2010 Shoda Foods Co., Ltd. Head Office Factory (Sano City, Tochigi Pref.)
April, 2018 Shoda Shokuhin Co., Ltd. Tsuyama Factory (Tsuyama City, Okayama Pref.)
April, 2018 All sales branches


  • Prevention of Global Warming;
    By measuring and analyzing the amount of energy used in each process at the factory, we manage to avoid wasting energy.
    In addition, as part of the "Shoda Eco-style" campaign, we are making company-wide efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy in a variety of situations, such as managing air conditioning temperatures throughout the year.

  • Environmental conservation activities;
    Shoda Shoyu is committed to environmental considerations in all business activities.
    for example:
    ・We are working on 100% recycling of soybean meal.
    ・We will promote the purchase of environmentally friendly products.
    ・We are working on the adoption and development of environmentally friendly containers and packaging.
    ・Beautification activities around the office (I pick up trash.
    ・ Donate products to food banks.
    In addition, we actively reuse old materials in the construction of our head office building.

  • Other Efforts;
    Activity reports are posted on "Be gentle with the earth". (The article is in Japanese.)